Supreme Court Upholds Health Care Reform Law – Now What?

The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision upheld the 2010 Health Care Reform Law in its entirety, with a narrowing of the provisions related to the Medicaid expansion.

What does this mean for employers, and clients in CPEhr’s health plans?

Over the past two years, CPEhr has been implementing provisions of the 2010 Health Care Reform Law and are preparing for full implementation in 2014. The Supreme Court decision means we will continue to work with our health plans to continue the implementation process as required in the Law. The Supreme Court decision did not introduce any new provision of the Law, but did narrow Medicaid expansion requirements.

Our CPEhr benefits and compliance professionals are continually evaluating guidance and strategizing its implementation as it becomes available. We will communicate the Laws requirements, potential impact to your benefits program, and available options as information becomes available.

Below are major provisions of the Law effective 2012 – 2018.


Non-Discrimination requirements; guidance to be issued
Uniform explanation of coverage; plan year beginning after September 23rd 2012
W2 reporting of health care cost


FSA contributions limited to $2,500
Employer notice to employees of exchanges, premium subsidies and free choice vouchers
Medicare payroll tax increase from 1.45% to 2.25%, employee only


Individual mandate becomes effective
Individual penalties for not purchasing coverage applies
Waiting period not more than 90 days
State Health Exchanges become operative
Standard benefit plans (bronze, silver, gold, platinum); to be defined
Employers 50+ eligible employees; penalties for not offering coverage or at least one FTE receives a tax credit


Cadillac Tax; 40% tax on plans value in excess of $10,200 for single coverage

Again, in the coming months, we will provide you with more information on the applicable topics.

If you are currently a CPEhr client, please contact Dana Osayande at 310-270-9851 or with any questions.

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