Flexible HR Service Options

Managing the complicated and expensive world of Human Resources is no simple matter. Even the most efficient organizations often find themselves behind the 8-ball when it comes to remaining educated and up-to-date on changing HR regulations.

CPEhr recognizes the unique needs of every organization. As such, it has created a highly flexible and personalized HR program for every business challenge:

Model #1 – Professional Employer Organization

PEO is a bundled solution under a co-employment relationship, where the contractual arrangement between the client and CPEhr allows for shared employee liability.  CPEhr becomes the “employer of record”, which offers the client access to economies of scale under various insurance products.  The client remains the “managing employer” and controls all aspects of the day-to-day operations.  Clients are covered under an Employment Practices Liability Insurance policy and are assigned a team of experts that service all aspects of Human Resources including: labor law compliance, training, payroll, benefits administration, safety and recruiting. This model may provide for substantial cost savings in operating expenses.

Model #2 – Human Resources Partnering

HRP is an un-bundled solution without the co-employment arrangement, where clients have the flexibility of keeping their own employee benefits and workers’ compensation insurance.  Like the PEO solution, Clients are assigned a team of experts that service all aspects of Human Resources, except for benefits administration.  The services are tailored to the client’s specific needs and all human resources documentation is customized.

Model #3 – Human Resources Outsourcing

HRO is our second un-bundled solution without the co-employment arrangement.  Under this model, a dedicated or on-site Human Resources expert is assigned to handle any aspect of Human Resources requested by the client including: labor law compliance, onsite orientations, onsite employee relations and liaison between management and staff.  Payroll services are not included but all other services are available.  This model allows clients to choose the amount of dedicated time, focus and strategic support required for their particular business needs.

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