Client Case Study: Why One Non-Profit Outsources HR to Support their Mission. Pt. 2

In our last post, we introduced a successful, thriving non-profit organization that was struggling to manage the constant barrage of employment regulations. Ultimately, they came to the conclusion that it was time to outsource their human resources functions as a way to reduce their risks and improve their HR systems. Over a period of more than a year, the non-profit interviewed three vendors and finally selected CPEhr.

HR Solutions

“What we found most attractive about CPEhr was their size. With 250 employees, we needed an organization that was large enough and professional enough to handle our business. But at the same time, we still wanted a company that could provide the hands-on customer service with which our employees had become accustomed. With CPEhr, it just felt right – we get the personal attention we wanted and receive the large company expertise we needed.”

After joining CPEhr, the organization was assigned a Human Resources Manager to oversee all their HR compliance needs. The first order of business was reviewing their Employee Handbook, updating all their human resources forms and reviewing all the new employment regulations.

“These were priority areas for us. It was great to have CPEhr help us accomplish our goals,” says the President.

CPEhr conducts monthly management meetings with the senior executive staff at the non-profit to keep them abreast of changing employment regulations. In addition, the client, with the help of CPEhr, has implemented quarterly supervisor trainings, providing all their supervisors with the resources and tools they need to more effectively do their jobs.

“Having someone knowledgeable about employee relations was critical to us. With CPEhr, I feel very comfortable with our assigned HR Manager and never have a problem getting an answer. It’s providing that intimate customer service that we wanted for our employees.”

Tangible Results

In addition to the great customer service and human resources expertise, the client also experienced a reduction in their human resources overhead.

“By partnering with CPEhr, we were able to reduce our onsite staff. We estimate, that even after CPEhr’s fees, we are saving approximately $35,000 annually. And of course, we love the great customer service and knowledge that goes along with the cost savings.”

Is it time for your company to outsource HR?

Human Resources Outsourcing continues to grow as one of the fastest growing business sectors. And for good reason. Maybe its time you investigated the benefits of outsourcing HR for your company. Give CPEhr a call for a complimentary HR risk analysis.